Bruna Luis Vargas

Hi everyone! My name is Bruna Luise and I´m a Brazilian English teacher. I´m always trying my best at work every day with a smile on my face and I also try to always look for the bright side of everything.



I love working with kids, teach and play with them. I truly believe we can have lots of fun while studying English! I am also always paying attention to the students needs to make sure they get the best time and lesson they could have. Being careful and caring, I believe that the students have a huge potential to learn English.



I grew up in Brazil while my mother raised me speaking Portuguese and English. Also, during my adolescence, I joined an International English School for 10 years.
I was a private English teacher for kids and adults before coming to live in Japan.














One thing that I love the most is to try and taste as many teas from around the world as I can. I also love eating new types of food and traveling every time I can. I´ve been to many countries and seen amazing places.



As a teacher at Sunny Bunny, I always try my best to make sure the students are having fun during lessons and that their English improve as the lessons go by. Paying attention to their needs, I intend to focus on every student necessities.

SUNNY BUNNY講師として、生徒さま全員がレッスンを楽しめるよう、そして、レッスンを重ねるたびに英語力が向上していくようにベストを尽くすことです。生徒さまが必要としていることが何なのか、注意を払い、最も必要な事に集中して指導していきます。


One of my best childhood memories is from when my parents took me and my sister to the beach and to an amusement park close to it. We had so much fun as a family that it sticks to my memory until today as if it was yesterday. Also, I grew up surrounded by cousins, every time we could together become a huge pajama party with lots of candies all the time!



I’ve had many challenges in my life. But certainly, my biggest one was selling my house in Brazil and coming to live in Japan. Learning a new and so different language surrounded by a culture so different than my own brought me new perspectives on life I never thought I would have and that now I am so thankful to be part of. If there is one thing I’ve learned in life is that there no huge progress in the comfort zone.


お気軽にお問合せくださいませ TEL 03-6903-8132

営業時間 平日10:30 - 18:00
神楽坂 03-6228-1880 携帯 080-9397-7719

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